Bitch i dont need introduction

Bitch i dont need introduction

canine ethologist

Hello, I have a problem, my cat has changed his behavior since the unexpected arrival of a new cat, he was just passing through but ended up being permanent, he is very noble and small, and my cat is already an adult, however he has changed a lot, he was very noble and now he is surly and does not want anyone around, he has vomited, please, I need some advice I want my cat to be the same again, because if I get a negative result, I will have to return the kitten, and I would not know how to do it afterwards to encourage my dog.

Because if I get a negative result, I will have to return the kitten, and I would not know how to do it afterwards to cheer up my dog. What can I do if she gets depressed? How can I remedy it if my dog gets depressed because of the presence of the kitten?

Good morning Carolina, to know whether or not there can be a good coexistence you must take into account if both animals are properly socialized. If your dog or cat have not lived with cats and dogs respectively, it is very likely that there are problems such as depression or aggression. In these cases, it is advisable to consult a specialist, such as a veterinarian specialized in ethology.

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Aggressive behaviors are not easy to treat and require the supervision of a specialist, who can offer guidelines to follow at home, help us to better read the language of our dogs and even conduct behavior modification sessions. It is never too late to work on tolerance with your dog. It is never too late to work on tolerance with your are some tips that you can apply at home:Even though the attacks may get worse and do not stop, never consider getting rid of one of the dogs, consider going to a professional, such as an ethologist, an animal association or ask for help from a family member.

Hi, I have two pitbull females, one dominant and the other submissive, the submissive got pregnant and lost the pups during the birth, she has already been treated with a veterinarian, the problem is that the dominant female is aggressive with her and doesn’t know her scent. what can I do?

Hello, good morning! I want to know why one of my 2 dogs… one of them was operated for an eye tumor, and when the one that stayed at home comes back, she attacks her. I want to know how to put them together without them fighting. Thank you very much.

how to introduce a cat to a dog

several times a day. We must make sure that this space is at a suitable temperature (close to 30ºC), since puppies are not able to regulate their temperature and can easily suffer from hypothermia. We can also place containers with water in the room to prevent the environment from drying out.

It is also a good idea to buy a bottle of milk for puppies and bottles, in case any of the puppies have problems to suckle properly, as well as other accessories that may be useful, such as latex gloves, glucose solution, hot water bottles and a digital thermometer.

On the day of the birth of the bitch, as far as possible we should leave her alone and try not to interfere in the process, our main role will initially be that of mere spectators to ensure that everything goes well and no complications arise. At all times we must be in contact with our veterinarian and maintain a fluid communication that allows us to quickly detect any problem or anomaly that arises in order to provide veterinary care to the bitch and puppies as soon as possible.

cats can live indoors

After two or three weeks, depending on how we see the behavior of our dog, we can put them to eat and sleep together. If our pet reacts well, he may even adopt the puppy as his own.

I have a 4 month old puppy at home and I have adopted two more 3 month old puppies but my 4 month old dog does not accept the new puppies. They make a life in the yard and I have a big house for them but she since the new puppies arrived does not come in and sleeps outside. What can I do?

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