Cheap places to eat in barcelona

Cheap places to eat in barcelona

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This Neapolitan place is called Pizzeria da Nanni and not only has the cheapest pizzas we have found in the city, but also holds a respectable position among the best in Barcelona.

The virtues of this place are its prices and the value of the everyday. Also the nostalgia of going back to where you’ve always been, even if you were born far away. But to be honest, one cannot feed eternally on bacon sandwiches, sausage, sausage or hamburger.  You also have to give a little more to lettuce.

Look, spaghetti as cooked in Trastevere, at factory prices, made in your face and on the spot. Marcello Mastroianni tastes them, gives them a thumbs up and asks if the sua mamma made them. Really, they are a spectacle, better than most Italian restaurants. A must-visit place.

It is a classic of beer Fridays in the Plaça del Sol. There is a moment of the night, located between the first beer and the eviction of the police, when you get hungry (and want to go pee, but that’s another story). In that case the star solution is La Piadina del Sol: the best piadina in Barcelona.

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You can choose between different prices depending on the use you are going to give it. We have gathered all the options so that you can compare them at a glance. All the necessary information is available with the corresponding link of the tourist card, at the beginning of this paragraph.

If we have to recommend places to eat well and cheaply in Barcelona we have to talk about its markets. The San Jose Market, better known as La Boqueria, is the best known and has become a very famous tourist spot on the Rambla. Although it represents a place of reference for locals and restaurants to buy fresh produce, it also has different stalls where the best of Catalan cuisine is cooked. If you do not know what are the most typical dishes of Barcelona, we have dedicated a post to them so you know what to order in the bars and restaurants that we talk about below.

The same goes for the Santa Caterina Market, located on the other side of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. In this case we are talking about the oldest of the city, although it has not lost its seal of quality.

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For less than 5 €? in Barcelona? Yes, it’s possible, and the food is decent and tasty. It takes a bit of digging, but to avoid wasting your time here are a few restaurants and bars where to eat for 5 euros or less in Barcelona.

Each empanada costs 2€ and there are vegetarian, meat and vegan ones. The sandwiches range from 3.50 to 6 euros and the variety is overwhelming: blue cheese with walnuts and anchovies, braised turkey, Serrano ham with Manchego cheese….

The variety of sandwiches is enormous: vegetable sandwiches, gluten-free sandwiches, hot and cold. The sandwich of boiled sausage with onion and Marta sauce, the Emmental and Roquefort sandwich are very successful.

(Carrer de Ferlandina, 24) I already told you about Bar Fidel in another post. Their sandwiches are not only cheap, but also tasty and very original. Of loin with Roquefort cream and piquillo peppers; ham, camembert and green asparagus sandwich; chicken with pickles, onion, mayonnaise and pernil sauce; or sausages cooked in wine, and a long etcetera.

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Can you imagine a restaurant specialized in omelettes? If you are one of those who are dying for a good omelette, you have to know Les Truites. It is a cheap restaurant where you can eat very well without spending too much, and you can also order whole tortillas to take away.

Their menu of omelettes is huge, and they make both sweet and savory ones: ham and cheese croissant omelette (one of the most demanded), black sausage, bacon and potato omelette, sobrasada omelette, eggplant, onion and mint omelette… And for dessert you can try the chocolate and bitter orange omelette, the banana and cinnamon omelette, or the apple, honey and walnut omelette.

This Galician restaurant has been delighting the people of Barcelona with the best food from Galicia since 1992. You will love it for its high quality ingredients, its traditional dishes and the huge portions they serve. It is a cheap restaurant in Barcelona from which you will leave with a full belly.

Seafood is their specialty, and among their star dishes are the Galician octopus, grilled prawns, lacón con cachelos or the entreacto de Galicia. A tip: you have to go hungry!

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