Colegio mayor san pablo huelva

Colegio mayor san pablo huelva

Abandoned buildings – huelva

The Huelva neighborhood of Zafra will soon have a residential center for dependent elderly people on the land occupied by a residential building that formerly housed the La Dehesa cinema.

The residence will have one hundred beds and a day care unit for fifteen people. In total more than two thousand meters to meet the needs of the elderly and promote their active aging.

The rooms of the building will be redistributed in order to create rooms suitable for the new purpose. Also taken into account is the implementation of facilities and energy improvements. Both the first and second floors will have a dining room, a living room, twenty double rooms, four single rooms and a control room.

In addition to this initiative, two other initiatives have arisen, also focused on care for the elderly. The first is the adaptation of the former Colegio Mayor San Pablo, which will also become a residence for the elderly, and the second has to do with the Huelva Cohousing Cooperative, which will convert the former Colegio de Ferroviaros into a collaborative housing community for the elderly.

Pasodoble plaza de toros la merced by laura díaz premiere

Honored to have received the invitation to address you on behalf of the honorary fellows of this Colegio Mayor, it is with great pleasure that I take on the challenge of conveying to you a few words with which to share feelings and reflections. Thank you Domingo, dear director.

By professional deformation I tend to think in terms of the future, in terms of that which is yet to come and which has not yet been created. But also partly because of what Woody Allen said: «I am interested in the future because it is the place where I am going to spend the rest of my life».    And here, although it may seem contradictory, I will once again apply that look ahead.

Those who have passed through this House in one way or another (students, professors, workers, etc.) and have felt identified with the work done here to pursue that laudable purpose, and as far as I am concerned at this moment giving voice to the honorary fellows, we are called to become not only custodians of a legacy to be known by future generations, but ambassadors of that purpose to continue giving the younger ones «reasons to live and reasons to hope».

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The event, which took place at the Colegio Mayor San Pablo, was attended by the Mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, and the Bishop of the Diocese of Huelva, José Vilaplana. Conducted by the deputy director of the center, Lucía Fernández, it began with the piece La Mision-Gabriel’s Oboe Theme, by Ennio Morricone, performed by the Clarinet Quintet Camerata Recital.

She commented that next year, as part of the Women for Africa program, which will include the Colegio Mayor, two girls from sub-Saharan Africa will study at the Onubense, «paving the way for internationalization and cooperation with young people from other countries».

Macarena Gómez, who spoke on behalf of all the scholarship holders, assured that this scholarship «represents the degree of maturity acquired» and invited them to «live the experience of being in a Colegio Mayor, which is enriching».

Tierra de talento | program 11 | protagonists, the children

It offers an important collection of digitized local press, including the Huelva newspaper «La Provincia», from 1880 to 1937; «Heraldo de Huelva», from 1904 to 1913; «Huelva Sport», from 1919; «Onuba: revista quincenal de Literatura, arte y Ciencias», from 1915, etc.

Portal that includes press and general information magazines digitized by the University Library of the ULPGC in open access, with no limitations other than those derived from intellectual property regulations. The archive, started in 1996 in cooperation with other institutions, will allow consultation of more than 7,000,000 pages.

It offers access to the digitized collections of the Instituto de Estudios Albacetenses «Don Juan Manuel», which include monographs and other publications of interest on Albacete and its province, magazines such as Al-Basit, Zahora, Sabuco or Cultural Albacete, as well as historical press titles (El Diario de Albacete and Defensor de Albacete). It also includes records and documentary series from provincial archives and graphic materials, such as engravings, prints and maps.

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