Jennifer aniston el hormiguero

Jennifer aniston el hormiguero

Hormiguero: adam sandler 1 of 4 (08/31/09)

This Wednesday, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Whiterspoon went to El Hormiguero to promote the second season of the series they star in together: The Morning Show. In the program, the actress who gave life to Rachel in Friends confessed that the fiction was inspired, among others, in the space of Pablo Motos to be able to be recorded during the pandemic.

«It made us realize that we are all on the same planet, and we tried to keep that in mind during the filming of the series and rewrite the scripts taking into account what was happening at the time. Our show covers the three months before the pandemic,» said Resee Whiterspoon about the filming experience.

For her part, Jennifer Aniston talked about the source of inspiration they had drawn on to shoot the Apple TV+ fiction: «Seeing you guys doing these TV shows was what we were doing was drawing inspiration from you. We saw how people were still working and doing their best to maintain that resilience of being human».

Jennifer aniston, in ‘el hormiguero’: «i am not a person with

Aniston did not hesitate to explain what her project is about: «The morning show is an exploration of the dark side of TV shows and the whole #MeToo issue. All the abuses of power, the complicity, the silence, those who knew, those who didn’t…. In short, it’s a very complex and interesting topic,» explained the actress.

Reese had to tell us how the filming went in times of pandemic. It seems that it has not been easy, to be honest. «We had a lot of fear because we were worried about our safety and the safety of the workers,» she recalled. «We had to rewrite the scripts taking into account this new situation that affected everyone,» he confessed.

The most surprising part of the evening occurred when Aniston told Pablo Motos that her team of screenwriters had been inspired by them, ‘El Hormiguero’, to rewrite the new chapters. «We looked at how people have worked despite everything that was going on,» she explained.

Jennifer aniston confesses that they were inspired by ‘el hormiguero

Wednesday night was one of the most exciting nights of El hormiguero with up to three guests who were divided into two interviews. Joaquín Reyes, a good friend of the program, came in person to talk about his first novel. His live humor was stronger than the short recorded and video-call interview with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Whiterspoon.

The comedian from La Mancha makes his debut as a novelist, although not as a writer, since he has several books published behind him. El subidón, as it is called, is about the life of a comedian from La Mancha who is triumphing in life, but lives one of the most complicated weeks of his life.

After talking about his novel, Pablo Motos wanted to address a classic in his interviews: hobbies. Joaquín explained that he can’t stand «people who make noise with their pens while talking to you, or click their tongues, they make me nervous». But, undoubtedly, the weirdest one came later: «When I go up the elevator I try to sneak the spit through the crack of the elevator».

Adam sandler & jennifer aniston on spanish tv (english

This Wednesday, September 15, Pablo Motos will receive in El Hormiguero, nothing more and nothing less than three very well known guests. On the one hand, he will chat with comedian Joaquín Reyes, who is making his debut as a writer and will attend the program to present his first novel titled ‘Subidón’, which goes on sale this week. The other two interviewees will be actresses Jennifer Aniston and Reese Whiterspoon, two big Hollywood stars who are currently on tour, promoting the premiere of the second season of the series ‘The Morning Show’, which will be broadcast on Apple TV+ from September 17.

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