Masterchef celebrity anabel alonso

Masterchef celebrity anabel alonso


MasterChef Celebrity compensates the double expulsion of Terelu Campos and Miki Nadal this week with a double return for next week. We are talking about two very experienced guests in the kitchens of the program: Bibiana Fernández and Anabel Alonso.

The two artists, who have become «Las Retales» since their participation in the third edition of the program, will add a touch of humor in a gala in which the casting of candidates will have to recognize songs in order to cook the recipe associated with the lyrics. In addition, there will be the usual repechage of a participant. In addition,

In the first test, the contestants will have to sharpen their ears. Fernández and Alonso will take the microphone of the fun karaoke of the culinary talent to interpret well-known songs, all of them related to a recipe, such as the rice with cod of Sarandonga or the lemon tart of Mi limón, mi limonero. The contestant who guesses the title and the interpreter of the song will be in charge of reproducing the associated dish with avant-garde techniques.

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For the outdoor test, chef Mario Sandoval, from the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Coque, opens the doors of his farm to ‘MasterChef’ in a cook-off that serves as a tribute to the health workers who have put and continue to put their health and their lives at risk to fight the coronavirus. While the aspirants will be in charge of the main courses, the ex-apprentices will prepare the starters, competing among themselves in the repechage to re-enter the kitchens of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 5’.

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Jordi Cruz also entered the kitchen to stop the conflict. «If I were to meet her in the street and she talks to me like that, I would also answer her,» Tamara told him, who was then reprimanded by the chef about her way of making churros. «I don’t want to see you stung Anabel,» the chef would tell her. «I felt like I was a slumlord who does not know how to talk to people,» said the actress.

The one who did go into detail was Jordi Cruz, who lashed out at Juan Avellaneda for defending his friend Tamara Falcó. «You have entered with an appalling attitude in the kitchens,» Tamara Falcó replied. «I’ve always had my character, it’s not something I need to bring up often because they don’t disrespect me,» Tamara justified herself. Cruz recommended to Isabel Preysler’s daughter that she should not hide the bulge if she did not want to be bossed around, and that she should be captain when she had the chance.

The night, which began with the contestants cooking for their friends, who had to guess who had prepared each dish, ended with Anabel Alonso leaving the MasterChef Celebrity kitchens in tears.

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If someone has to be rescued, at least they should be from the house. This comment, which is mere speculation, must have crossed the mind of more than one follower of TVE’s culinary talent, Masterchef Celebrity, after knowing the name of the two contestants that the program will rescue. They are Anabel Alonso and Boris Izaguirre, both presenters of TVE during this summer and at present, and whose participation in the program is assured.

The members of the jury Pepe Rodríguez and Jordi Cruz have been in charge of giving the news to the current contestants of Masterchef Celebrity, who did not take the repechage very well since it implied a double expulsion: «We see it necessary to incorporate two aspirants to the competition. That implies that tonight there will be two expelled contestants.»

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