The hunchback of notre dame quasimodo

The hunchback of notre dame quasimodo

el jorobado de notre dame resumen

Quasimodo (del Domingo de Quasimodo[1]) es un personaje de ficción y el principal protagonista de la novela El jorobado de Notre-Dame (1831) de Victor Hugo. Quasimodo nació jorobado y es temido por la gente del pueblo como una especie de monstruo, pero encuentra refugio en un amor improbable que sólo se cumple con la muerte. El papel de Quasimodo ha sido interpretado por muchos actores en adaptaciones cinematográficas y teatrales, como Lon Chaney Sr. (1923), Charles Laughton (1939) y Anthony Quinn (1956), así como Tom Hulce en la adaptación animada de Disney de 1996, y más recientemente Angelo Del Vecchio en la reposición de Notre Dame de París. En 2010, un investigador británico encontró pruebas que sugieren que hubo un tallador de piedra jorobado en la vida real que trabajó en Notre Dame durante el mismo período en que Victor Hugo estaba escribiendo la novela y que incluso podrían haberse conocido. [2]

Más tarde, Esmeralda se ve envuelta en un intento de asesinato -cometido por Frollo, que había apuñalado a Febo en un ataque de celos tras espiar a Esmeralda y a Febo en una noche de pasión- y es condenada a la horca. Cuando la obligan a rezar en la escalinata de Notre Dame antes de llevarla a la horca, Quasimodo, que ha estado observando la ocasión desde un balcón superior de Notre Dame, se desliza con una cuerda y la rescata llevándola a lo alto de la catedral, donde grita conmovedoramente «¡Santuario!» a los espectadores que están abajo.

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According to this document, evidence emerged that the novel was based on a sculptor working for the French government who was working at the cathedral when the novel was written in the 18th century. This writing is part of an autobiography of the 19th century British sculptor Henry Sibson (1795-1870), found in a house in Penzance (Cornwall) donated to Tate in 1999.

Adrian Glew, the museum documentarian who made the discovery, recounted that he was surprised when he saw that the date of the hunchback in fiction and the one in Sibson’s memoirs matched. «It’s a fascinating discovery. Many scholars have tried to link Quasimodo’s deformities to certain illnesses, but I’ve never seen any reference to an actual historical character,» said Professor Sean Hand, head of the Department of French Philology at the University of Warwick and an expert on the works of Victor Hugo.

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Hunchback, with a deformity on his back and left eye, pale skin and reddish hair, green eyes, plump arms, with buck teeth and wearing a long green shirt with short sleeves, brown stockings and blue shoes.

Quasimodo is a talented artist, skilled in carving miniature figures and toys, with a wooden model of Paris and the cathedral itself, and a decoration of stained glass shards created by him. Quasimodo likely developed his skills in manual art as a hobby and to make his isolated life in the bell tower more bearable.Despite his deformity, he is very agile and acrobatic, as he is able to move quickly across the roofs of buildings, climb and ascend large structures with relative ease.

In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo falls in love with the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda. But, after seeing that she and Phoebus were in love with each other, Quasimodo realized that Esmeralda was not his true love, but Phoebus’. In The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, Quasimodo falls in love with Madellaine, a young circus performer, who sees Quasimodo’s inner beauty and becomes his partner.

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Quasimodo is one of the most emblematic characters not only of French literature, but of the history of literature in general, reaching the category of symbol: the young hunchbacked bell-ringer of Notre Dame, expelled from society for his ugliness and raised in guilt and self-contempt by the archdeacon Claude Frollo. Although many film adaptations of Victor Hugo’s original novel have been made, perhaps the one that has had the greatest impact on popular culture has been the Disney film, released in 1996 – and before that, actors of the renown of Lon Chaney, Charles Laughton, Antony Quinn and Anthony Hopkins played it in films and television.

The first meeting between these two protagonists was not in fact in a street play where she dances and he is captivated, but in a dark alley, where Frollo and Quasimodo went to attack her – by order of the first one -. Luckily, the city guard arrives and arrests them. Frollo is not a judge either, but an archdeacon, and Captain Febo, the military man with whom the gypsy woman falls in love… does not reciprocate her, but rather uses her. He is not that honorable hero who in the film ends up deserving the love of the beautiful Esmeralda – almost making the viewer assume that she sends the hunchback to the friend zone, after having repeatedly risked his neck to win her gaze.

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