Which haikyuu character are you

Which haikyuu character are you

what a tokyo revengers character you are

You’re kind and gentle, you rarely if ever get angry, good-natured and with a big, big heart. You care a lot about the team and try to do your best for them. However, it’s quite easy to make you depressed with certain comments…

You are cold and somewhat twisted, as well as cutting. You prefer solitude, you’re not very sociable, and when you are it’s usually to irritate others, but there’s a little heart in there anyway. You don’t like to try too hard at anything, but when you do, you turn out to be amazing at it. Come on, bring out that great potential in you!

You are a rather shy, reserved person, and without much self-confidence, you need the support of others. You are very good with the people around you, always looking to help, but sometimes you can be a little influenceable. You work hard to achieve your goals, until, of course, you achieve them.

top 10 haikyuu characters quiz

«Haikyuu!!!» is one of the best sports manga and anime in the history of both sectors, a title that has been earned by its iconic group of characters and its incredible sports sequences. Haruichi Furudate’s work is one that sweeps whenever he publishes new content, and as much of this success falls on the aforementioned characters… today I bring you an interesting quiz.

What do you think? Interesting? I have tried to orient it a little more to how I did at the time of «Slam Dunk», because I think this simulation by styles of being in the team itself and play a game is interesting. Hopefully each one of you will have achieved more or less the result you were looking for, although if something doesn’t quite fit you don’t hesitate to comment it in the section at the end of the article.

¿qué personaje de karasuno haikyuu eres tú?

Ahora, si te imaginas sustituyendo a uno de los personajes de la serie, ¿a quién te parecerías más? Con un elenco de personajes tan diverso, ¿quién sabe? ¿Eres un ancla inquebrantable para tu equipo como Kenma, un rompecorazones puro al estilo de Tooru o una presencia valiente y sanguínea como Yuu?

Eres el corazón mismo del equipo: naturalmente brillante, curioso y dispuesto a asumir riesgos para crecer como persona y como jugador de equipo. Al igual que Shouyou, puedes ser un poco descuidado e indisciplinado, pero cuando estás realmente animado, nunca te rindes. Y eso es lo que tus amigos realmente cuentan contigo: la perseverancia sin límites para llevar a todos a la victoria.

Una cosa es segura: eres una persona entregada que puede llevarlo casi todo por sí sola. Puede que antes fueras un lobo solitario, o que estés aprendiendo a trabajar mejor con los demás: una vez que has atemperado tu lado perfeccionista con la conciencia de los sentimientos y los puntos fuertes de tu equipo, sueles ser el tipo que encuentra la mejor solución a todos los problemas.

haikyuu personality

If you’ve ever seen «Haikyuu!», there are a few things about its creator that you can guess. Clearly, the person responsible for the shonen manga (and the anime that follows) that focuses on the sport of volleyball is definitely a skilled artist, depicting volleyball moves in neat, loving detail. This is someone who also cares about character development: creations like Hinato Shoyo and Tobio Kageyama and all the supporting characters, from coaches to players to opponents, have a lot of depth. Furudate’s attention to detail even landed him a spot on the Charapedia. 30 best manga artists list, compiled in 2015.

As should be obvious by now, English-speaking fans really don’t have much information about Furudate. What little there is actually comes from a few sources that can be accessed in English. In an interview with Volleyball magazine in Japanese, the mangaka said that he (or she! Or they, if they’re not binary!) is originally from Iwate prefecture, where he was born. However, he spent almost a decade in Miyagi prefecture after graduating from high school. In fact, these places helped inspire scenarios in the artist’s famous volleyball anime. He said he decided to set the program in Miyagi because he didn’t know his surroundings in Iwate as well as he could have, given its remote location. «However, when I draw the area around Kasuno High School, which is the main setting, I imagine Iwate, where I actually spent my school days,» Furudate said.

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