Tienda jesus de medinaceli madrid

Tienda jesus de medinaceli madrid

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Este templo, declarado basílica menor por el Papa Pablo VI en 1973, se levanta en el solar del antiguo Convento de Trinitarios Descalzos de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación. Es la sede canónica de la Archicofradía Primada de la Real e Ilustre Esclavitud de Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno de Medinaceli.  En la actualidad está regentada por una comunidad de la Orden de Hermanos Menores Capuchinos.

La famosa estatua de Cristo mide 1,73 metros de altura y data de la primera mitad del siglo XVII. Fue tallada en Sevilla, lo que explica que su iconografía corresponda a la de Cristo escuchando su «Sentencia». En 1682 fue traída a Madrid, donde llegó entre rumores de milagros. Ese mismo año se celebró la primera procesión, a la que asistió «todo Madrid»: fieles plebeyos, la nobleza y la casa real. Desde entonces, cada año se celebra una gran peregrinación el primer viernes de marzo, a la que asiste un miembro de la familia real para rezar al famoso Nazareno.

Diana navarro to the christ of medinaceli on his 80th birthday.

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Am jesús de medinaceli (alcalá de henares) basilica of

– They say that if you ask for three wishes, he grants you one, but he has always granted me all three, but it depends, because there are souls and souls, although it is true that he distributes, if he knows what you need, he gives it to you. I’ll tell you that.

When the city fell into the hands of Mulay Ismail, Sultan of Morocco and one of the first kings of the Alaouite dynasty, he ordered its transfer with three hundred prisoners to Meknes, which had been named the new capital to the detriment of Fez. Later, it would be saved by the Trinitarians, also known as the Order of the Holy Trinity and the Captives, who would deposit it in its current location. «It sounds novelistic, but it is pure historical novel, because all the characters are real,» clarifies Sánchez Adalid about the trigger for the iconography of the Captive Christ.

The faithful who stand stoically in line outside are not spared Lacueva’s observations either: «The same could be said of the disputes about the miraculous power of the images -even of the same saint- of the respective places, as well as of the spectacular nature of certain penitentiaries», he says.

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What is so special about this Christ that so many people queue up several days in advance and spend the cool nights of late February and early March sleeping in the open? Why are they so convinced that whatever you ask of him, he fulfills it? Why is it worth waiting for days to spend just a few minutes in front of his image? From a rational point of view we could think that it is something that is due to the crisis, that desperation makes us cling to ancestral beliefs … but here I leave an old image so you can see that the thing comes from afar.

The sculpture must not be light, because although it seems it is not what is known as a «dress» image (those that only have the head, hands and feet, the rest being a light structure that is covered by clothing), but it is completely carved. The thing is that they put it on a plate of a scale and in the other one they were throwing gold coins until they reached 30!!!! With the insignificant (and symbolic, remember Judas) amount of 30 gold coins the balance was balanced, something that Mulay Ismail did not seem half right. We will not go into how much there is of history, how much of tradition and how much of legend in this, but the fact is that in the middle of 1682 the image arrived in Madrid in the middle of a procession that was already multitudinous.

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