Resident evil 7 meristation

Resident evil 7 meristation

Juego de resident evil 7

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard[a] es un juego de survival horror en primera persona de 2017 desarrollado y publicado por Capcom. Resident Evil 7, una de las principales entregas de la serie Resident Evil, se aleja de Resident Evil 5 y Resident Evil 6, más orientados a la acción, y vuelve a las raíces del survival horror de la franquicia, haciendo hincapié en la exploración. El jugador controla a Ethan Winters mientras busca a su esposa desaparecida en una plantación abandonada ocupada por una familia infectada, resolviendo puzzles y luchando contra los enemigos. Es el primer juego de la serie principal que utiliza una vista en primera persona.

Resident Evil 7 es el primer juego completo que utiliza el motor RE de Capcom. El desarrollo estuvo a cargo de Koshi Nakanishi, director del juego para Nintendo 3DS de 2012, Resident Evil: Revelations. Un año antes de su anuncio en el E3 2016, se presentó como una demo de realidad virtual llamada Kitchen. El equipo se inspiró en la película de 1981 The Evil Dead, redujo el juego a una sola localización y utilizó una perspectiva en primera persona para sumergir a los jugadores. Se lanzaron dos escenarios de contenido descargable, Not a Hero y End of Zoe.

Resident evil 7 pc

With new features such as haptic vibration or triggers with variable resistance, the PS5 DualSense gamepad offers new gaming sensations that increase immersion. The console only comes with one controller, so you need another one to play local multiplayer.

On paper, these creatures may be a far cry from the biological weapons created by Umbrella, but we guarantee they are just as terrifying, and their presence is well-founded. The town itself is much more than a stage. All of the game’s levels are gathered on the same map, and the village becomes the heart of this shadowy world, like another protagonist watching us.

It is much more effective to see the terror in the face of other characters, before facing it directly. But this is only one of the keys that Capcom has played to make us feel real fear.

As we have already mentioned, the Japanese studio has experimented with various ways of dealing with terror. Throughout the 10 hours that the main story lasts, we go through different areas controlled by some of the «children» of Mother Miranda. The castle, where we meet the imposing Lady Alcina Dimitrescu and her daughters, opts for a classic Resident Evil style, with a good balance between confrontations and puzzles, in an overloaded environment.

Resident evil 7: biohazardsurvival game

Go to guide indexStart of the guideWe invite you to read our very complete guide to Resident Evil 7, also known as Resident Evil Biohazard the first in the series that is based on the game in first person. With this novelty CAPCOM tries to immerse the player completely in the story and can suffer all the terror that will offer the game and the horrible Baker Mansion.

The story of Resident Evil 7 begins with the playback of a video in which we see Mia (wife of the protagonist of the game) terrified while sending a message to her husband Ethan asking him not to come looking for her. Where the woman is, the reason for the terror she transmits and from which she tries to protect her husband are a mystery.ADVERTISEMENT

After the introductory scene we see Ethan driving down Louisiana highway while talking to someone on the phone. Apparently someone has informed him of his wife’s whereabouts and everything points to the fact that she might be at the Baker house.

She is the wife of Ethan, the protagonist of the game. At the beginning of the game we will see a scene in which she urges her husband not to go looking for her. Everything points to her being the woman who ends the life of one of the members of the recording team of the Caiman program if we complete the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo with the bad ending. What reasons could have driven the woman to this state of madness?

Resident evil 7 merch

You can be more than sure that this will happen with ‘Resident Evil 7’ when it goes on sale in a few months. The reason for this statement is that not long ago we had the opportunity to try a preview of the game with virtual reality goggles PlayStation VR and certainly has been one of the most terrifying experiences we have lived in a video game.

This was possible through an event organized by Sony at VR Gate, the place that has opened in Madrid so that anyone can try the virtual reality goggles and see first hand what it feels like, but let’s tell you how it was.

One of the phrases that you will have read every time we talk about virtual reality is that it is difficult to explain the sensations it transmits for someone who has never tried it before. It certainly gives the impression that you are living everything from the inside, as if you were part of the video game and the character you control is yourself.

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