Shadows of the tomb raider

Shadows of the tomb raider

Tomb raider: elixir de la vida

Shadow of the Tomb Raider es un videojuego de acción y aventura de 2018 desarrollado por Eidos-Montréal y publicado por la filial europea de Square Enix. Continúa la narrativa del juego de 2015 Rise of the Tomb Raider y es la duodécima entrada principal de la serie Tomb Raider, así como la última entrada de la trilogía reiniciada. El juego se lanzó originalmente en todo el mundo para Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 y Xbox One. Las versiones para macOS y Linux, y Stadia, se lanzaron en noviembre de 2019. Después del lanzamiento, el juego se amplió con contenido descargable tanto en un pase de temporada como en lanzamientos independientes.

Ambientado poco después de los acontecimientos de Rise of the Tomb Raider, su historia sigue a Lara Croft mientras se aventura por las regiones tropicales de América hasta la legendaria ciudad Paititi, luchando contra la organización paramilitar Trinity y compitiendo para detener un apocalipsis maya que ha desatado. Lara debe atravesar el entorno y combatir a los enemigos con armas de fuego y sigilo mientras explora los centros semiabiertos. En estos núcleos puede asaltar tumbas de desafío para desbloquear nuevas recompensas, completar misiones secundarias y buscar recursos que pueden utilizarse para fabricar materiales útiles.

Shadow of the tomb raider: th…

Shortly after the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft enters the regions of Mesoamerica and South America in search of Paititi, a hidden city that seems to be the key to stop the Mayan apocalypse she has unleashed. At the same time, Lara must face again the Trinity and its leader, Dr. Dominguez. In this installment, Camilla Luddington reprises her role as Lara Croft.

Lara’s ability to swim and dive in the water returns in this installment with a noticeable improvement, as Lara is now able to hold her breath for much longer due to the introduction of air bags, which allow her to recover oxygen and continue exploring underwater caves. Also incorporated is the ability to rappel from climbable walls to descend, swing or move to inaccessible places. In relation to this improvement, you can use the ice axe tied to a rope to swing between spaces, an ability seen in previous games of the franchise such as: Tomb Raider: Legend, Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld.

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We try to keep this spoiler free, but there may be hints of how the plot unfolds, but certainly no plot twists or anything that wasn’t clear after watching the trailers.

Overall, The Shadow of the Tomb Raider The story has a very dark and foreboding feel to it, even more so than the «Abyss Monastery» scene in the first game with all the bloody and rough body parts. She’s grown up. And so has Lara. While she’s still the headstrong character we know and love from the first two games, she’s slowly growing into her role as an adventurer, but also a cold-blooded killer if the need arises.

Throughout the game and especially the story, you begin to learn what drives Lara to the extremes she is willing to do to gain a little more knowledge or the opportunity to stop Trinity. It is this journey and her growth through it that probably provided the title of the game.

The game begins with Lara being her reckless self who finds herself and others with a big problem on their hands. To prevent Trinity from obtaining an artifact, she grabs it herself Tomb Raider style, which inadvertently starts the apocalypse of the known world. The first calamity doesn’t wait long to make itself known, and Lara is swept away by the water masses of an incoming tsunami.

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It is already available for download on Xbox Live the second downloadable content for Tomb Raider: Underworld, Lara’s Shadow is the name of this new chapter of the game and we can download it from Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft points.

Now we will incarnate the double of the archaeologist Lara Croft, a very dark alter ego that has supernatural powers and whose mission is to exterminate Lara and thus give end to the Croft family.

With Lara’s double we will have the power to slow down time, increase our strength so that in combat our blows are deadly; we can perform actions that were impossible for Lara as climbing surfaces of extreme danger -of course making use of the power of the shadows-; and, we will have more than 120 achievement points.

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