Shovel knight treasure trove

Shovel knight treasure trove

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Shovel Knight is a new platform game released last Thursday, June 26th. Developed by Yacht Club Games, they present us with a retro and indie adventure with a very high difficulty level. Ideal for players looking for a new challenge to overcome.

Shovel Knight is a tribute to classic NES games, as it features 8-bit graphics and the color scheme used adheres to the original palette of the Nintendo console. The title is basically a platformer where we control a knight, Shovel Knight, who has a sharp shovel that he uses to attack enemies, destroy barriers and dig up treasures. We can also perform a particular move which is with the shovel down to jump on top of enemies, like Uncle Scrooge did in DuckTales. The game is very, very difficult. It has a very high difficulty level with many levels where ingenuity and creativity go hand in hand.

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Shovel Knight can easily attack, bounce over enemies and obstacles, discover treasures, break blocks, open chests, find secret rooms, and reflect projectiles with just a swing of his trusty shovel. He can aim and aim down in the air to bounce off obstacles, a skill needed for most of the game’s puzzles.

Shovel Knight had been a great champion, along with Shield Knight; the pair were inseparable. However, in an adventure, they found a cursed amulet in the Fairy Tower and Shield Knight was trapped in it.

Distressed by his loss, Shovel Knight abandoned his adventure, and is seen to have worked on a farm. Meanwhile, other champions had been disappearing, and the unlocked Tower of Doom made a villain appear: The Sorceress. She created a nefarious group of knights called The Order of No Quarter, and sent them out to reclaim areas that did not rightfully belong to them. Shovel Knight, upon learning of this enemy, comes forward with a great mission. He has come back to this valley with two goals: to defeat The Sorceress and to save his lost beloved.

shovel knight – the cerulean knight – a blow of shovel #1

The story takes us to a magical land, where there are adventurers and, let’s face it, adventures everywhere, the greatest adventurers are Shovel Knight and his friend Shield Knight, their adventures come to an abrupt end when in the tower of doom the shield knight who is not of the Shielder class perishes after an ancient curse is unleashed, Desolate, the knight of the stick decides to retire to a life of solitude, but, without adventurers, now a new evil arises, the sorceress and her order of knights, so our hero grabs his stick again and sets to work to stop the expansion of the sorceress.

The plot as you can see is very absurd from the start, I mean, our main hero uses a shovel as his main weapon, that said, it is helpful as it is very funny, the dialogues between characters can be quite funny, but also interesting and help you to know a little more of this crazy medieval world, my favorite part are the dialogues when you face other knights, which can range from being funny, to our hero calling them cowards for abandoning the path of chivalry.

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-It’s all right, I said; I think I understood. You have something to propose, and you wish to see either the Chevalier or the Doctor, for which you can be found in the same place where I found him to-day, is that all?

-Yes; but look… be careful not to forget those words: «the precious gift of his confidence» and the others of «his very particular good reasons». See that this is of the very essential…. «very particular reasons,» eh? as from man to man!

For the space of about an hour, frequent shots continued to rattle the island, and the bullets kept breaking and splintering the trees of the forest. I was moving from hiding place to hiding place, in order to avoid that sort of pursuit of terrifying projectiles; but as towards the end of the bombardment, although I did not yet dare to venture openly into the lodge, in whose enclosure I saw the bullets falling more frequently, I had already begun to gain more courage, and after a considerable detour towards the East, I managed to slip between the trees on the beach and lay down there under observation.

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