The legend of zelda breath of the wild map

The legend of zelda breath of the wild map

Zelda shrines

There are few games I’m as excited for as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. The first installment is one of my favorite games, one of the best I’ve ever tried, and I know Nintendo will manage to live up to it with its sequel. But we know that we have to wait at least until 2022, and who knows if it will be delayed. But to tell you the truth, I don’t care if it’s delayed as long as it’s good.

The good thing is that the original Zelda: Breath of the Wild gives for many hours of gameplay, many hours of exploration and countless details to know. And if that wasn’t enough, the community manages to make us spend more time inside the game. How? Well, in many ways, most of which I don’t know, but one of them is the one I’m going to tell you about now.

Now that we are in the middle of summer, why not go on vacation to Hyrule? Oh, but you’d probably miss it? Don’t worry, go warm up your engines with a Street View made by a fan of the Breath of the Wild map (via Vice).

Map zelda: breath of the wild sanctuaries

There is no doubt that there are extremely creative players, who with the right tools are capable of creating all kinds of impressive projects. A clear example of this is the recent case of Dinaeh, a fan who seeks to recreate the vast world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Minecraft.

Dinaeh published the progress of his project on the official subreddit of The Legend of Zelda, so we already saw how some regions and structures of Nintendo’s title look like in Minecraft. As expected, the images quickly caught the attention of the community and got thousands of positive reactions.

Seeing the images above, it’s only natural that it makes us want to play in this The Legend of Zelda-themed setting. Fortunately, Dinaeh already assured that it will be available for free download once it is finished.

Breath of the wild google map

Little more can be said about The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild that is not already known. Nintendo managed to capture a Hyrule as we had never seen it before, a world full of incredible landscapes that only invited to go through it again and again.

This, which allows you to move in a 3D environment using arrows and with turns of up to 360 degrees wants to be transferred to the entire map of the Nintendo Switch hit. At the moment, only a few points of interest are available, but Zelda Breath of The Wild Street View promises.

The area of the shrine where Link wakes up allows you to travel by arrows to the exit and imitate the now famous scene of the beloved hero contemplating the vast kingdom ravaged by Ganon. Undoubtedly, there are still details to be covered, but it is a truly titanic work.

Breath of the wild printable map

Among this information, we also find the complete and detailed map of the game, published by a GameFAQ user, which we report at the end of the news. Of course, if you prefer to avoid any anticipation on this topic, we invite you not to read on.

Undoubtedly, the map of Breath of the Wild looks gigantic, and bigger than the previous chapters of the series. At GameFAQ you can also see the image at a higher resolution.  The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild will be available starting Friday, March 3, on Nintendo Switch and WiiU.

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