The outer worlds gameplay

The outer worlds gameplay

The outer worlds | campaign | gameplay in english #10

Among all his works there will be some better and some worse, but it is clear that none of them has left anyone indifferent. This same will try to achieve this week with The Outer Worlds, his new work that will hit the stores this week and that we have had the opportunity to test in depth with the following analysis that we have prepared.

It has been said a lot that the theme and certain aspects of its gameplay resembles Fallout: New Vegas, but the truth is that we have put ourselves at the controls, we have been carried away by his universe and a space trip in which in the end we have developed our own story.

It all starts when the television starts to promote a space trip to the colony of Alcyone, where those who sign up will remain locked in a hibernation chamber, but in return they will end up waking up in a place with a perfect society, with a quiet life and with the guarantee of having a job. All in all, it sounds like good news.

The outer worlds | campaign | english gameplay #22

Many fans of the series were also excited by the suggestion that The Outer Worlds 2 can be developed with Unreal Engine 5. The reveal of Unreal Engine 5 was impressive thanks to a bevy of new technologies and features that developers can take advantage of to make their games more beautiful than ever. With The Outer Worlds 2, because of its sci-fi setting and exotic scenarios, the game has many potential ways to take advantage of the engine.

The outer worlds | campaign | english gameplay #15

We have tested this method thoroughly. We stored items from the beginning of the game and they were not touched at the end of the game. We also tried storing many items in one place, again with no problems. However, be careful not to exceed the limits.

From here you can store items directly from your inventory. They will not disappear over time. This same method works with any container that has the transfer options, just be careful not to overload each container in case you get an error in your game.

The outer worlds | chapter 8 »la pionera» (the pioneer)

Are defects permanent and can they be eliminated? This guide ponders the question Can you eliminate defects in the Outer Worlds? They are potentially very powerful and offer advantage points in exchange for permanent disadvantages, but what if you’ve blown it?

First, and this is important, be very careful with the Robophobia perk. In order to avoid major spoilers, I won’t go into detail, however, I promise you won’t regret skipping Robophobia at the end of your adventure in The Outer Worlds.

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