Vandal zelda breath of the wild

Vandal zelda breath of the wild

Zelda side quests

The kingdom of Hyrule is once again under the terror of the powerful Ganon. Link, the protagonist of the story, will be in charge of defeating him once again to save the kingdom and Princess Zelda. We tell you step by step how to progress through the main mode.

There are 120 shrines scattered throughout the game, which offer the symbols of worth. With these items you can improve health and stamina and will be essential for Link to be strong enough to advance. We have them all.

Enemies by default are not aware of your presence until they see or hear you, something that is warned with an icon above their head. To avoid making noise and being seen move Link gently with the left stick, and try to walk crouching by pressing the stick. Also use the environment to hide, walking in the tall grass.

When you assault a camp beware of the sentries, who are perched on observation towers and watch out for anyone who approaches. Although at night the enemies are sleeping, they always leave at least one sentry awake and watching. If they see or hear you from afar, a question mark will appear above their head, which will change color until it turns completely red, at which point they will have definitely seen you and will raise the alarm.

Costumes zelda: breath of the wild

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Cataclysm you will be able to control more than 15 characters known and coming from Zelda Breath of the Wild, including the Chosen, some villains, Link, Zelda, among others. Before all this, below you can find information about these characters:

However, far from being a game of the same genre of the main saga, it is in this case a spin-off of the musou genre, in which we will be in closed maps divided into paths in which we will have to fight against hundreds of enemies. Before this, we will have the option to choose the characters we will use, as well as to train them and level them up, thus being a complete experience with the cast.

How to increase stamina in zelda: breath of the wild

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild breaks with many conventions of the Zelda saga, and one of the most remarkable is the way in which the argument is narrated. It is possible to enjoy a common story, but the really important (and most interesting) is told through memories that we must find. To do this, we have a series of photographs that indicate the area where each memory is located, but the Hyrule of Breath of the Wild is so immense that it is quite likely that you will miss some… Where to find the memories of Zelda Breath of the Wild?

That memory is located north of the Plateau of Dawn, the area where the adventure begins. You can find it in a forest near Lake Komola. Head in the direction of the Twin Peaks and you will find it without any problems.

We continue with the location of all the memories of Breath of the Wild, and this time we go to the region of Tabanta, the area northwest of Hyrule. It is located in a place known as Ancestral Pillars, just at the entrance of the Tena Ko’sah Shrine.

Zelda breath of the wild full map

Once you manage to overcome the four shrines to complete the trials of the plateau, the Divine Annihilator will split into four parts that, in the form of light, will be dispersed in various parts of Hyrule and make a kind of monuments emerge near where the four divine beasts are. Head to the Lanayru Tower region, and go between the Rutela Reservoir and the Jaabu Plateau to the east of the divine beast Vah Ruta, to find the monument in that region (the closest shrine is the Rukkon shrine).

When you reach the monument you will see that it is engraved with maps and indications about certain tests, and next to it you will find Nyel, who will play a tune that will be about these tests and about Mipha, the chosen one. When the tune ends, a new main quest will be unlocked: Extra: Song of Mipha.

The 3 tests you must pass to complete the mission are some shrines, which you can find thanks to the clues in the tune. You can also talk to King Dorphan and his son, Prince Sidon, in the Zora region to get more information about the tests and Mipha, the chosen one (you can now find her diary on a table in the throne room).

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