Wolfenstein the new order analisis

Wolfenstein the new order analisis

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The New Order is the new installment of the most classic and perhaps most important saga of the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre in video games, Wolfenstein. This time developed by Machine Games studios, and under the protective wing of Bethesda, reinvents not only the first installment but the entire Wolfenstein saga, surprising, in a big way, with new elements but maintaining the essence of shooting and action by the bucketload, which is a pleasure. The New Order offered to be an installment worthy of being heir to the saga of John Carmack, and could have fulfilled. This is my review of Wolfentein: The New Order.

And although William B.J. Blazkowicz, the eternal protagonist of the Wolfenstein, is a patriotic American soldier, hero, burly and with a huge jaw, here we will not talk about ranks or generals, we will see the human aspect of a world battered by the Nazi regime, how they kill mercilessly, how people lose their loved ones, and much, but much cruelty. It is a raw game, of passion, love and revenge, of rebellion and fight for what you believe in.

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This game is the ninth installment in the saga that debuted in 1981 by the hand of Muse Software with Castle Wolfenstein. At that time the title rewarded stealth over the spilling of bullets, and it would not be until id Software took over the franchise in the third installment, Wolfenstein 3D, 1992, that the action and the scattering of ammunition would take center stage in the corridors of the saga, laying the foundations of the FPS from then on.

With Wolfenstein: The New Order, Machine Games and Bethesda seek to rescue the classic gameplay of this genre: the roughest and sometimes cruelest: corridors that are real mazes of up and down, closed scenarios, recovery of life through first aid kits collected on the stage. All this sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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In 1960 the war is over and the Nazis, who have subdued even the most powerful nations through the use of unrelenting force and brutal intimidation, have emerged victorious. The Nazi regime now rules the world with an iron fist.

Here we step into the role of Captain B.J. Blazkowicz, the American war hero who, after emerging into this world of darkness, must launch an impossible counteroffensive against the monstrous Nazi regime. Only our protagonist dares to stand up to an unstoppable army of robots and gigantic Nazi super-soldiers, as well as stop Calavera and rewrite history.

Upon completing the game’s prologue, Calavera forces us to make a difficult decision that affects our gameplay and the story. Depending on our choice different characters will appear in each timeline, making it a replayable title.

Throughout our journey we will encounter commanders, appearing these in most levels, that when alerted of our presence sound the alarm and call for reinforcements, so we must try to kill them stealthily and without them noticing our proximity. Once we get the Explorer 1 advantage, the screen shows us an indicator of proximity and alert status of the commanders. If we also get Scout 2, their position on the map is indicated.

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Although Wolfenstein: The New Order seemed at first to be a first-person action game totally frantic and 100% focused on action, it has surprised us with its variety of situations, and quite a few adventurous touches, with some missions in which we do not even shoot, and others partially focused on infiltration. The vast majority of the situations can be solved either by shooting or stealth, and either way the game works and is fun. We have combined both ways of playing, and we have had a great time. The scenarios are usually wide and with different paths, allowing different approaches, and you feel like exploring them, there are plenty of secrets and collectibles waiting for us.

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